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Stuttgart Region

Europe’s High-Tech-Region No. 1 consits of 179 Cities and local authorities from 5 districts and the Region’s capital Stuttgart. About 2.7 million inhabitants from 170 countries live here.

Stuttgart Region ranks among Europe’s most successful economic metropolitan areas. About 155.000 comapnies are based here and make it the top-selling industrial area of Germany and one oft the most powerful business locations of the continent. As a result, it is now a European key centre of automotive manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering and home to many leading media and IT companies, often providing specialist services for local manufacturers. One oft the many factors of success is the mix of global coroporations such as Daimler, Bosch, Porsche or IBM, so called “Hidden Champions” as Kärcher or Festo and a multitude of small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, most patent applications and the highest internal expenditure on research and development in Germany are registred here. According to this Stuttgart Region is a domicile for many research facilities working closely with the companies.

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